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Word Training Cambridgeshire | Live Online

    Apologies - these courses are not currently available.

    Word Training | Live Online | Virtual Classroom

    Private in-house training - all delegates on the course are from the same company

    Established in 2005, Blue Pecan provides live online Microsoft Word training courses in a virtual classroom. The training is delivered as a private in-house course.

    Live Online Courses - Microsoft Word courses can be delivered online with a live tutor via Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex virtual classroom software.

    Closed, Private Microsoft Word Training for Businesses

    If you are a business enquiring about private, tailored Microsoft Word training for your staff, please see our Microsoft Office remote training information page which will explain all you need to know about our virtual Microsoft Word classroom.

    We cover the whole of Cambridgeshire including Peterborough, Cambridge, Wisbech, St Neots, Huntingdon, March, Ely, St Ives, Whittlesey, Chatteris, Yaxley, Soham, Cambourne, Littleport, Histon, Ramsey, Sawston, Godmanchester, Burwell, Cottenham, Sawtry, Waterbeach, Brampton, Melbourn & Linton.

    Our courses are compatible with all versions of Microsoft Word, including Word 2019 (Office 365), 2016, 2013, 2010 & 2007.

    Word Training Outlines

    Word for Complete BeginnersAdvanced Word Training

    Word for Beginners - 1 Day Course

    Customising the Word Interface

    • Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Customising the Ribbon
    • Exporting/importing your customisations

    Working With Documents

    • Navigating documents using shortcut keys
    • Modifying Word defaults and settings
    • Adding text to documents
    • Opening, saving and closing documents
    • Selecting text using shortcuts
    • Moving and copying text
    • Text formatting
      • Font formatting
      • Text highlighting
      • Changing case
      • Clearing formatting
    • Paragraph formatting
      • Alignment
      • Creating bulleted lists
      • Creating numbered lists
      • Indentation
      • Line and paragraph spacing
      • Paragraph borders
      • Paragraph background colour
      • Pagination settings
    • Page formatting
      • Margins
      • Orientation
      • Columns
      • Page size
      • Page breaks
    • Introduction to styles

    Adding Tables to a Document

    • Creating and editing tables
    • Formatting tables


    • Inserting images into a document
    • Remove background tool
    • Picture correction tools
    • Picture formatting and styles
    • Cropping pictures
    • Wrapping text around pictures


    • Inserting SmartArt into a document
    • Editing SmartArt
    • Formatting SmartArt
    • Wrapping options

    Advanced Word Training - 1 Day Course

    Our Advanced Word course is aimed at experienced Microsoft Word users who need to top up their skills.  This course offers a comprehensive coverage of the more advanced aspects of the software.  We start off by looking at using styles as a means of formatting and providing structure for your documents. Once styles have been applied we will show you how to create a table of contents and apply outline numbering and then use the outlines tools to easily restructure your content. We will the show you how to apply different page level formats to different parts of your document by breaking the document up into different sections - you will also be able to apply different headers and footers to those different sections. Tracked changes, forms and tables are also covered - but remember as with all our courses - they can be tailored. This means you can pick and choose the content that is most relevant to the way your business uses Microsoft Word.

    Customising the Word Interface

    • Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Customising the Ribbon
    • Exporting/importing your customisations

    Using Styles

    • Applying Quick Styles
    • Changing the Style Set used in a document
    • Create new Quick Styles
    • Setting the default Style Set
    • The Styles Window
    • Modifying a style
    • Automatically updating styles
    • Saving style modifications to the document template
    • Creating new styles
    • The Style Inspector

    Outline Numbering

    • Applying outline numbering to headings
    • Creating custom outline numbering

    Outline Tools

    • Using the outline view to restructure a document
    • The outline level menu
    • The Navigation Pane

    Creating Table of Contents

    • Creating a table of contents based on headings in your document
    • Excluding levels from the table of contents
    • Using linked styles in-conjunction with your table of contents
    • Modifying styles for TOC levels
    • Refreshing a table of contents

    Other Referencing Tools

    • Cross referencing
    • Bookmarks
    • Footnotes

    Using Sections

    • The different type of section breaks available
    • Inserting section breaks
    • Deleting section breaks
    • Unlinking sections
    • Creating different headers and footers in different sections
    • Applying page level formats to different sections

    Track Changes

    • Turning track changes on
    • Protect a document for tracked changes
    • Configuring the appearance of tracked changes
    • Reviewing tracked changes in a document
    • Printing markup
    • Combining revisions from multiple authors
    • Comparing documents

    Creating a Mail Merge

    • Setting up a mail merge database
    • Setting up a mail merge document
    • The mail merge wizard
    • Email merge
    • Labels and envelopes

    Creating Forms

    • Inserting form controls into a Word document
    • Setting properties for form controls
    • Form protection


    • Quick Parks
    • AutoCorrect
    • Creating tables
    • The new enhanced Read Mode
    • Resume Reading – start off where you left off
    • Inserting online images and video
    • Expand and collapse headings
    • New alignment guides
    • New text wrapping tools
    • New table tools
    • Edit PDFs in Word
    • Spelling and grammar task pane
    • New tracked changes features
    • Reply to comments

    Does Blue Pecan Computer Training Ltd offer instructor-led, online training?

    Yes we do offer online courses. Courses are live and instructor-led. We use video conferencing software such as Zoom or Webex to create a virtual classroom environment. Courses are delivered as private, in-house training. Please contact us 0800 612 4105 or email