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Combine Values & Delimiters Using Excel’s TEXTJOIN Function

How to Use Excel’s TEXTJOIN Function

=TEXTJOIN(delimiter, ignore_empty, text1, [text2], …)

Excel’s TEXTJOIN function provides a quick way of combining values in different cells, like for example first, middle and surnames as shown below.  This has always been possible in Excel but TEXTJOIN provides a better solution if you need to include a delimiter between each value. In our example we will need to include a space between each name – the space is our delimiter.


Use the delimiter argument to specify your delimiter – in our example it’s a space.

Use the ignore empty argument to either ignore empty cells (TRUE) or include empty cells (FALSE).  In our example to avoid two spaces between Briana and Philips in row 10, we should ignore empty cells.

Use the text arguments (max of 252) to specify the text you want to join.  If the cells are adjacent, select as a range (as in our example).

Specifying Multiple Delimiters

It is possible to specify multiple delimiters and the order in which they are applied. In order to achieve this create list of delimiters separated by either a comma or semi-colon and place the list within brace brackets.  For example {“/”,”-“,”-“}


See example below.