Restrict Editing to Parts of a Microsoft Word Document

This tutorial will explain how to restrict editing to parts of a Word document.

Step 1: With your document open, click the ribbon’s Review tab and then click the Restrict Editing button as shown below.

Step 2: In the Restrict Editing task pane on the right of your screen, under Editing resitrictions, tick Allow only this type of editing in the document:. Then select No Changes (Read only) from the drop-down list – as shown below.

Step 3: Select the areas of the document that you want to remain editable. To select noncontiguous areas, hold down CTRL after you have selected your first area.

Step 4: In the Exceptions area of the Restrict Editing task pane, click the Everyone tick box.  This will allow everyone to edit the selected areas.

If you need to be more specific in terms of who can make edits, click the More users… button as show below.

In the Add Users dialog list the users on your network who will be able to edit.  Separate usernames with a semicolon.  Click OK to confirm.

Step 5: Confirm protection of the document by clicking the Yes, Start Enforcing Protection button.

Enter a password or just click on OK to skip this step.

Word automatically highlights areas of the document that are available for editing as shown below.

To quickly find editable areas in a larger document use the Find Next Region I Can Edit button.

Posted by Chester Tugwell