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Jump to Today’s Date in Excel | Hyperlink Formula or VBA Macro to Find Today’s Date in Worksheet

    In this video I demonstrate how to find and select a cell containing today’s date. I explore two methods. The first method uses the HYPERLINK, MATCH and TODAY functions within a single formula, and the second method uses a VBA macro.

    Click here to download the featured file.

    Table of Contents

    00:00 – Introduction

    00:16 – Formula method using HYPERLINK, MATCH & TODAY

    Here’s the formula used for this method:
    =IFNA(HYPERLINK(“#E”&MATCH(TODAY(),E3:E20,0)+2,”Find Today’s Date”),”Today’s Date Not Found”)

    05:07 – VBA macro with button method

    Here’s the VBA code used in this method:

    Sub Select_Today()
    On Error GoTo ErrorHandler
    Exit Sub
    MsgBox "Today's date was not found"
    End Sub