In this video, I demonstrate how to fix chromatic aberration or colour fringing in Affinity Photo.  Normally I manage to do this quite successfully using a RAW editor – my personal preference is DXO PhotoLab.  However, for whatever reason this image did not want to play game.  In Affinity Photo there is a filter option for removing chromatic aberration and this did a better job than DXO Photolab, but I still wasn’t happy.  I then found out about the defringe option.  You can apply defringing either via the Filter menu (Color – submenu) or as a New Live Filter Layer.

The defringe dialog allows you to select the fringe colour, by sampling it in your image.  Once you have sampled your fringe colour, decrease The Edge Brightness Threshold slider until the colour fringing disappears.  You may also need to play around with the tolerance and radius sliders.  There is an option to remove the complementary hue, but I found this didn’t work and I had to apply a second defringe for the complementary fringe colour.

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Posted by Chester Tugwell