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Excel Power Pivot Training in Berkshire | Onsite Training in Berkshire

Established in 2005, Blue Pecan delivers Excel Power Pivot training at customers' business premises or online. Our one day Excel Power Pivot training course gives delegates a good introduction to Power Pivot's advanced data modeling features in Microsoft Excel. 

We provide Excel Power Pivot training in Berkshire including Reading, Slough, Bracknell, Maidenhead, Wokingham, Newbury, Woodley, Windsor, Thatcham, Sandhurst, Crowthorne, Ascot & Twyford.

Introduction to Power Pivot - 1 Day Course

PowerPivot is designed to provide self-service business intelligence, allowing end users to perform complex data analysis without the intervention of business intelligence technicians.  Delegates will gain a working knowledge of PowerPivot and an understanding of basic database theory.  

Download the course outline in pdf format.

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  • When should I use PowerPivot vs PivotTables
  • Database theory
    • Normalisation
    • Primary & Foreign keys
    • Fact tables vs dimension tables
    • Star scheme vs Snowflake schema

Basic Operations

  • Activate the PowerPivot add-in
  • Open and close the PowerPivot add-in
  • Navigate the PowerPivot add-in
  • Format columns
  • Sort columns
  • Create relationships between tables
  • Create a Pivot report
  • Refresh data

Create Calculated Columns & DAX Formulas

  • Create calculated columns referring to fields in the current table
  • Create calculated columns referring to fields in related tables using the RELATE function

Create Measures Using DAX Functions

  • Theory – calculated columns vs measures
  • Use the CALCULATE function
  • Use the FILTER function
  • Use the ALL function
  • Use the SUMX function
  • Use the AVERAGEX function

Use Time Intelligence Functions

  • Create a data table
  • Use DAX time intelligence functions

More PowerPivot Functionality

  • Create named sets
  • Create hierarchies
  • Create KPIs