A default value is automatically entered in a field for a new record. You can set a default value for table fields set to the Text, Memo, Number, Date/Time, Currency, Yes/No, and Hyperlink data types.

Examples of default values

Yes – would automatically add the word Yes to the current field.

25 – would automatically add the number 25 to the current field.

You can use the Expression Builder to enter default values that use Access functions.  To use the Expression Builder click on the build button in the default value property.

In the Expression Builder navigate the built-in functions and then double-click on the function you want to use.  The function arguments will appear at the top of the Expression Builder where you will need to enter values for the function <<arguments>>.

Here is an example of an expression built using the DateAdd function which here calculates the date six months from the current date.

=DateAdd(“m”,6,Date()) – will automatically add a date six months from the current date in the field.

For help on how to use the different functions a quick search on Google will give you the necessary information.

Some functions don’t have arguments, so are easier to use.

=Date() – will automatically add the current date in the field

=Now() – will automatically add the date and time in the current field


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