This video will show you how to add standard deviation error bars to an Excel chart.

This type of chart displays the mean value for each data set: here I have used a column chart.  The size of the error bars indicate the standard deviation within the data set. Download the featured file here: Error Bars Showing Standard Deviation.

Start by creating mean and standard deviation columns.  Use the AVERAGE function for the mean calculation and STDEV or STDEV.S to calculate the standard deviation within each data set.

Select the dataset labels and the mean values (hold down CTRL to select multiple ranges) and then create the type of chart you require.  Charts are available on the Ribbon’s Insert Tab.

To add the error bars, click on the plus sign, top-right of the chart, and open the sub-menu for Error Bars.  Select More Options…

The Format Error Bars task pane will open up on the right of your screen, near the bottom, click the Specify Value button to specify the error amount.

You can now select the values in your Standard Deviation column.  The error bars will automatically update their size to reflect the values.

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