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MS Access Intermediate Training | Live Online or Onsite

    MS Access Intermediate Training

    Following on from Introduction to Microsoft Access the Intermediate Microsoft Access training course will give you greater insight into the workings of this popular database programme. The course focuses on the more advanced settings of tables, queries, forms and reports but also teaches you how to set up a relational database.

    Course Summary

    This course focuses on the following aspects of Microsoft Access:

    • Advanced property settings for table fields
    • Primary and foreign key fields
    • Advanced select queries
    • Action queries
    • More advanced settings for forms and subforms
    • More advanced settings for reports
    • Database design and theory
    • Creating relationships between tables

    Course Prerequisites

    Delegates will need to be comfortable with the content in our Introduction to Access course.

    What’s Included with the Training?

    • Delegates will receive a comprehensive pdf reference guide that covers the content of the course.
    • Delegates will have created a working database at the end of the course which they can refer to alongside the reference guide.
    • Course certificate, if required.

    Course Outline

    Our training courses can be delivered onsite at your offices or remotely online. Please note the outline can be tailored – nothing is set in stone! Please download the course outline in pdf format here.

    • Advanced Field Properties
    • Specify Custom Formats
    • Create and Apply Input Masks
    • Specify Validation Rules
    • Index Fields
    • Create Multiple Field Indexes
    • Use the Lookup Wizard to Lookup Values in Another Table
    • Primary Key Fields
    Select Queries
    • Apply Wildcard Criteria
    • Use Comparison Operators
    • Use Logical Operators
    • Create an Is Null Query
    • Create a Totals Query
    • Perform Calculations in a Query
    • Concatenate Fields in a Query
    • Parameter Queries
    Action Queries
    • Make Table Query
    • Append Query
    • Update Query
    • Delete Query
    • Crosstab Query
    • Add Controls to a Form
    • Tips for Arranging Controls
    • Get a Form to Open Automatically
    • Set up a Form for Data Entry Only
    • Create Forms with Sub-forms
    • Create a Switchboard
    • Apply Conditional Formatting to a Report
    • Format Sections
    • Add Fields to Your Report
    • Understand the Report’s Design View
    • Arrange & Align in Design View
    • Add Grouping and Sorting to Records
    • Force New Page for Each Group Heading
    • Display Data from Multiple Tables in Your Report
    Design a Relational Database
    • Plan a Database
    • Database theory – Normalisation
    • Primary/Foreign Keys
    • Fact vs Dimension Tables
    • Create Relationships
    • Types of Table Relationships
      • One-to-Many
      • Many-to-Many
      • One-to-One
    • Referential Integrity
      • Cascade Update
      • Cascade Delete
    • Join Types
    • Establish Relationships Using the Lookup Wizard
      • Edit a Lookup
      • Show More Than One Field in a Lookup Drop-Down