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Excel Fundamentals Training | Live Online or On-site

    Excel Fundamentals: 1 Day Course

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    Our training courses can be delivered in-house at your offices or remotely online. Please note the outline can be tailored – nothing is set in stone! The Excel Fundamentals course covers formulas, databases and charts. The course is suitable for delegates who are confident in the basic operations of Excel as covered in the Excel Course for Complete Beginners. In this course delegates will learn essential skills regarding formula work, database work and chart creation. Download the course outline in pdf format.

    Formula Basics
    • Order of operations (BODMAS)
    • Evaluate Formula and other formula auditing tools
    • Formula error warnings (green triangle)
    • Relative, absolute and mixed cell references
    • Perform calculations using a dynamic range
    • Basic calculations within an Excel table
    • Perform basic calculations across worksheets and workbooks
    • Named range – create, edit and delete
    • Use a named range within a formula
    Working with Dates and Times
    • Understand dates and times as numbers
    • Enter dates and times in the correct format – (dates entered as text problem)
    • Understand the Region settings on your PC and how they affect date and time input
    • Basic date and time calculations
    • The TODAY() and NOW() functions
    Sorting Basics
    • How to correctly set up a database
    • Avoid problems with sorting – splitting records, sorting headings, blank rows and columns preventing proper sorting
    • Sort on different data types – text, numeric and date
    • Sort by colour
    • Sort on multiple columns
    • Sort by custom order
    • Sort by user generated custom order
    • Case sensitive sort
    • Horizontal sort
    Filtering Basics
    • Filter on different data types – text, numeric and date
    • Using wildcards for text field filter
    • Top, Bottom and Average filters on numeric fields
    • Copy filtered results
    • Save filters in Custom Views
    • Filter using Excel Tables
    Chart Creation Basics
    • Set up your data for a chart
    • Choose the best chart type for your data
    • Understand categories and series
    • Add/remove chart elements
    • Format axis and gridlines
    • Link chart/axis titles to cell content
    • Create column and bar charts with one series
    • Create column and bar charts with multiple series
    • Create Line and Area charts
    • Create Pie and Doughnut charts
    • Create a Scatter charts with a trend line
    • Introduction to Sparklines