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Excel For Complete Beginners | Live Online or Onsite

    Excel For Complete Beginners: 1 Day Course

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    Our training courses can be delivered in-house at your offices or remotely online. Please note the outline can be tailored – nothing is set in stone!  This course is for people with little or no knowledge of Excel. By the end of the course you will be able to perform basic calculations and work with simple databases. We will also teach you how to format and print your Excel work. Included in the course are useful shortcuts and tips and tricks that will make working with Excel easier and quicker.  Download the course outline in pdf format.

    Excel Basics
    • Enter & format data
    • Format cells
    • Copy & move data
    • Navigate & select data
    • Navigate between worksheets
    • Show/hide gridlines
    • Insert rows/columns and cells
    • Hide rows and columns
    • Insert & delete worksheets
    • Copy/move a worksheet to another workbook
    • Group worksheets
    • Freeze rows and/or columns
    • Zoom in and out, zoom to selection
    • CTRL shortcuts
    • ALT shortcuts
    Formula Basics
    • Mathematical operators – add up, multiply, divide and subtract
    • The golden rule
    • Copy formula
    • Sum rows and columns
    Formatting Basics
    • Data formats – date, time, percentage, currency, decimal places, thousand separators
    • Change the number of decimal places displayed
    • Adjust row and column widths – autofit, all columns same width, all rows same height
    • Borders and fills
    • Wrap text within a cell
    • Merge cells
    • Clear formats
    • Use the format painter to copy formatting
    • Apply and create cell styles
    • Format as a table
    Selection Basics
    • Select columns and rows
    • Select an entire database
    • Select non-contiguous ranges
    Navigation Basics
    • Move to the top/end of a column
    • Move to the beginning/end of a row
    • Move to the top or bottom of a worksheet
    Working with Text
    • Change the case of text to upper, lower or proper case
    • Split text across columns
    • Remove duplicates
    • Concatenate text (join text across columns)
    • Use Flash Fill to manipulate text values
    Filling Data
    • Fill numeric data – increment or copy
    • Fill alpha numeric data – increment or copy
    • Fill dates – copy or increment, increment workdays, same day each month, same day each year
    • Fill with custom lists including user generated custom lists
    Setting Up a Basic Database
    • Ranges vs Excel Tables
    • How to create a field
    • How to create a record
    • Autocomplete
    • Copy formula down automatically
    • Add up with a dynamic range
    Printing Basics
    • Check your margins, orientation and page size
    • Scale your print
    • Use Page Break Preview to help with print problems
    • Use Page Layout view to help with print problems
    • Set a Print Area
    • Headers and Footers
    • Print titles (column headings) on each page
    • Print settings and preview