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Copying/Moving Rows and Columns with Excel VBA

Copy a single row

Move a single row

Move multiple rows

Move a single column

Move multiple columns

Move a row to another worksheet

Move a row to the end of the table

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Excel TutorialTutorial

Combine Values & Delimiters Using Excel’s TEXTJOIN Function

How to Use Excel's TEXTJOIN Function =TEXTJOIN(delimiter, ignore_empty, text1, [text2], …)

Excel’s TEXTJOIN function provides a quick way of combining values in different cells, like for example first, middle and surnames as shown below.  This has always been possible in Excel but TEXTJOIN provides a better solution if you need to include…

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Using Excel’s SWITCH Function including SWITCH with VLOOKUP.

SWITCH Function =SWITCH(expression,value1,result1,default)

Simple Example To help explain how SWITCH works, here is a simple example. We need the SWITCH function to return the correct discount percentage for each item of fruit in the list D2:G9.  The discounts are listed in the first table A2:B6. The fruit value in column D is…

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