Blue Pecan provides in house Microsoft Project training at your business premises. We have over 10 successful years delivering onsite Microsoft Project training to our customers!

We cover the Home Counties and London including Oxfordshire, East and West Sussex, Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, Dorset, Essex, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Hertfordshire.

Our course is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Project, including Project 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007.

Course Feedback

Project 2010 Training Course in Basildon, Essex...

"Very helpful and patient - thank you!"
"Very patient."
"Very well delivered and pace was good to cover basics thoroughly - a lot of practical elements which was excellent."
"Highlighted a lot of quick links and very useful day to day shortcuts."

April 10, 2013

Pricing and Group Size


One to one training £395 plus vat.
Group training starts a £450 plus vat.
You final quote will include modest travel costs.

Group Size

We recommend group sizes no larger than 10, but are happy to accommodate your requirement.


Project Course Outline

Our one day Microsoft Project training course gives you a great overview of this popular project management software.  The course aims to give delegates the knowledge needed to set and and link tasks; assign resources to tasks; set baselines and track progress and then create useful reports and outputs based on the values that have been gathered.

Customising the Project Interface

  • Customising the Quick Access Toolbar
  • Customising the Ribbon
  • Exporting/importing your customisations

Configuring Your Project

  • Setting the project start date
  • Setting up working times for the project
  • Adding bank holidays and other shut-down periods
  • Saving customisations to the global template
  • Auto scheduling vs Manual scheduling tasks

Entering Tasks

  • Task durations
  • Setting the default unit for durations
  • Deleting tasks
  • Inserting tasks
  • Moving tasks
  • Creating milestone tasks

Linking Tasks

  • Creating links using the predecessors column
  • Creating links using the Task Information dialogue box
  • Creating links using the “link tasks” button
  • Dragging and dropping links in the Gantt chart
  • Relationship types
    • Finish to start relationships
    • Start to start relationships
    • Finish to finish relationships
    • Start to finish relationships
  • Applying lag and lead to task relationships
  • Task Path Highlighter

Task Constraints

  • Constraint types
  • Understanding the Planning Wizard in relation to constraints


  • Indenting tasks to create subtasks
  • Collapsing and Expanding Summary Tasks
  • Outline numbering
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • The Project Summary Task

The Critical Path

  • Formatting your Gantt chart to show the critical path
  • Understanding the critical path


  • Using the “Go to” dialogue box
  • Scroll to task
  • Zoom options
  • Formatting the Gantt chart timescale


  • Resource types
    • Work resources
    • Material resources
    • Cost resources
  • Understanding the resource sheet columns – material, max units, rate, accrue at, base calendar
  • Editing resource calendars – adding holidays, customising work times
  • Assigning resources to tasks
  • Understanding the “Work” value
  • Levelling resources
  • Budget resources

Setting a baseline

  • How to set a baseline
  • Viewing the baseline in the Tracking Gantt
  • Viewing baseline values in tables

Tracking Progress on Your Project

  • Marking a task as on track
  • Moving incomplete parts of a task to a new date
  • Updating task start and finish dates as well as percentage complete
  • Setting a Status Date
  • Tracking progress in the Resource Usage view

More on Project

  • Hyperlinking to supporting documents
  • Using text styles format your task list
  • Formatting the Gantt chart with bar styles
  • Formatting Gantt chart gridlines
  • Sorting the task list
  • Filtering data in different Project view
  • Grouping data
  • Creating reports
  • Printing the Gantt chart
  • Sharing resources across multiple projects
  • Combing multiple projects into one Gantt chart

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