Blue Pecan provides in house OneNote training at your business premises. Our coverage includes London, Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire and Essex.

Course Feedback

Excel Mac Training Course in Southampton...

"Great job. Well worth the investment of both time and funds.  Thank you Chester."

January 10, 2013

Pricing and Group Size


One to one training £395 plus vat.
Group training starts a £450 plus vat.
You final quote will include modest travel costs.

Group Size

We recommend group sizes no larger than 10, but are happy to accommodate your requirement.


OneNote Course Outline

OneNote is a Microsoft Office application that allows you to capture, store, organise and share notes on any subject.  OneNote integrates with MS Office applications such as Word, Excel and Outlook making it really easy to take notes whilst in these applications.  You can also capture web content whilst using your favourite browser.

Notebook: Basic Operations

  • Create a notebook
  • Apply a colour to a notebook
  • Open a notebook
  • Close a notebook
  • Delete a notebook
  • Switch between open notebooks
  • Notebook view modes including Docked to Desktop

Working with Sections

  • Add a section to a notebook
  • Name a section
  • Assign a colour to a section
  • Move a section
  • Delete a section
  • Restore a section
  • Create a section group
  • Merge sections
  • Password protect a section

Working with Pages

  • Add a page to a section
  • Name a page
  • Move a page
  • Delete a page
  • Restore a deleted page
  • Display rule lines
  • Change paper size
  • Apply page colour
  • Create a subpage
  • Create a page based on a template
  • Create a custom template

Creating Notes

  • Create a Quick Note
  • Typing notes
  • Working with note containers – move, copy, resize etc
  • Adding space between notes
  • Add a date and time stamp to a note
  • Formatting typed notes
  • Spellcheck notes
  • Create handwritten notes
  • Convert handwritten notes to text
  • Add a table
  • Add a spreadsheet
  • Print to OneNote to add other file content to your notes
  • Insert a File Printout
  • Embed a file
  • Add a picture
  • Add a screen clipping
  • Performing mathematical calculations in OneNote
  • Add audio and video content
    • Create linked notes for audio and video content
    • Attach audio and video files
    • Search audio and video files

Searching for Notes

  • Perform a search across notebooks, sections or pages
  • Search by time frame

Drawing Tools

  • Pens and Highlighters
    • Make favourite pen or highlighter
    • Add pens to the Quick Access Toolbar
    • Create a pen or highlighter
    • Delete a pen or highlighter
    • Changing pen mode
  • Working with shapes

Linking Content

  • Link to another OneNote notebook, section or page
  • Link to a specific paragraph
  • Link to a file
  • Link to an email address
  • Link to web content
  • Remove a link
  • Edit a link
  • Create linked notes to files in other MS Office applications
  • Desktop printing options

Tagging Notes

  • Apply tags to notes
  • Apply tags to drawings or handwriting
  • Remove a tag
  • Assign a shortcut key to a tag
  • Create a custom tag
  • Find tags
  • Create a summary page of tags

Sharing Notes

  • Share a notebook
  • Unshare a notebook
  • Create a shared link
  • Reading other user’s  notes
  • Find edits by author
  • View page versions
  • Manually sync across devices and users

Printing Notes

  • Print sections or pages
  • Export to a different file type such as pdf or MS Word
  • Email pdf

Backup Notebooks

  • Changing backup location
  • Changing backup frequency

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